Domain Appraisal Guide

We have established this list of the top (10) important factors when it comes to finding the value of a domain. All mid Flux appraisals are based on these 10 factors. If you choose not to order one of our appraisals this guide should help you in buying/selling valuable domains.

Top Level Domain: The top level of a domain is the extension that it ends in. Some domains can be worth more than others solely based on the type of extension they end.

Number Of Characters: Statistically speaking, the amount of characters in a domain name attribute to its value. Domains with fewer characters are often easier to remember.

Search Engine Popularity: Search engine popularity is the amount of searches that relate to the keywords in your domain. The more domain keywords, the more prospective visitors an established site will have.

Commercial Value: Domains that can be used for commercial purposes such as internet commerce, advertising, and all types of businesses are very easily marketable and have more value.

Market Demand: If there are many people out there that can use your domain for their website, your domain has a lot of demand. Your domain will have more interested buyers when it is for sale.

Language Terms: When a domain uses actual words in its spelling the purpose of the website is more clear. This makes it easier for prospective traffic to find and remember your website.

Traffic Rankings: The more traffic a domain receives, the more valuable it is. Domains that have increased traffic are excellent candidates for easily making further amounts of money.

Registration Length: Domains registered for several years are usually more well known than domains that were registered for the first time ever just a couple days ago.

Name Popularity: Popular names such as web 2.0 domain names are often very popular. These domains can be used for a wide variety of website types therefore they have a large targeted audience.

Other Basic Factors: These are the other small important factors that add up to your domains value. These small factors include blacklisting, response codes, and your particular domain registrar.

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